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3) Get a whole new separate solar system installed next to the original.

Let’s go through each option in detail so you can weigh up the best approach for you.

Here are some of the latest emerging solar panel technologies for 2017: One major barrier for the solar industry is the fact that a high percentage of homeowners consider solar panels to be an unsightly home addition. Sistine Solar, a Boston-based design firm, is making major strides with the concept of aesthetic enhancement that allow solar panels to have a customized look. markets in 2017 and will help to rebrand solar panels as a luxury product, not just a home efficiency upgrade.

The MIT startup has created a “solar skin” product that makes it possible for solar panels to match the appearance of a roof without interfering with panel efficiency or production. This past summer paved the way for tests of an exciting new PV technology – solar powered roads.

Please note, once we have arranged the meter change or re-programming with Western Power, you may incur any associated metering costs if you decide to cancel your application.

Western Power will leave a friendly note in your meter box when your meter has been changed or re-programmed. Additional charges may apply in situations where Western Power deems it is necessary to install communications capability on the meter to take the required meter readings for billing purposes (e.g. Log in to My Account and nominate an account we can deposit credits of or more automatically.

If you've decided to go solar, you'll need to apply to both Synergy and Western Power to connect to the grid.

As part of this process, we'll let you know if you're eligible for the Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme (REBS).

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With these two forms of solar energy comes a wide range of opportunities for technical innovation.

Up until mid 2012, by far the most popular solar system size sold in Australia was a piddly 1.5k W. Because the solar rebate at the time was twice as generous for the first 1.5k W of any system.

Because of this fact Australia has the smallest average installed system size in the world!

Option #1 Adding more panels to existing system using your original inverter.

The first thing to be aware of (and not a lot of people know this) is that you are allowed to have a panel array with a peak power up to 133% of your inverter’s rated peak power.

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